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for WRT293 Students 

Author & Professor            
Conference Speaker      
Instructional Designer        
Online Teaching/Learning Consultant
DESIGN                       CREATE                          TEACH                         LEARN  
                   Graduate Courses
*Communication /Lead Faculty
*Graduate Writing Composition 1/Lead Faculty
*Graduate Writing Composition 2
*Advanced Reading Strategies /Lead Faculty
*Succeeding on Academic and Professional Exams /Lead Faculty
*Graduate Persuasive Writing Composition 2
*Academic Integrity /Lead Faculty
*Critical Thinking and Logic /Lead Faculty
*Communication and Teamwork in a Global Society /Lead Faculty
*A Practical Course in APA Style
*Teacher as Professional
*Exploring New Technologies: The Impact on Society, Work and Education
*Effective Teaching Using Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences
*MultiMedia Tools: How to Research, Plan and Communicate with Technology
*Habits of Mind: Thinking Skills to Promote Self-Directed Learning
*Integrating Technology in the Curriculum
*Technology Enhanced Instructional Design
*Integrating Technology in the Curriculum: Elementary Grades
*Integrating Technology in the Curriculum: Language Arts
*Teaching with Multimedia Applications

Leslie Bowman

Author and Online Professor
Instructional Designer 
Academic Coach
Career Coach
Online Faculty Mentor
Writing Coach/Tutor
Personal Safety Instructor

Writer/Editor Organization Memberships
Virginia Association of English Teachers
Association of Writers and Writers Programs
American Copy Editors Association 
National Association of Independent Writers and Editors

     Undergrad Courses
*Introduction to Sociology
*Introduction to Criminal Justice
*American Justice&Punishment
*Police/Community Relations
*Criminal Procedures 
*Business Communications
*Professional Writing
*English Comp and Research
*Developmental English
*Legal Terminology
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Online Teaching/Learning Center
Design and Instructional 
    Continuing Ed/Prof Dev
*Violence prevention/awareness 
*Internet safety  
*School violence prevention
*Workplace violence prevention
*Report Writing for Investigators
*Interrogation for Investigators

Leslie Bowman writes, designs, and teaches online undergraduate and graduate courses in Criminal Justice, English, Educational Technology, Communications, Writing, Blackboard, and also worked with SMEs on online EMT courses for Homeland Security/FEMA Certification programs. Last year she developed a new competency-based university writing program to replace semester-based online classes. 

Leslie served four years as a CASA volunteer child abuse investigator, and later as the local CASA Board President. She teaches self defense and worked six years in private security and retail asset protection. She holds certifications in various areas of School Safety, Crisis Response, and Threat Assessment. 

She has presented innovative instructional models at national conferences since 2002 (orientation to online learning, teaching online, effective grading practices, computer-mediated communication, success strategies across the curriculum). 

Leslie is the author of several books, including Online Teaching for Adjunct Faculty, Communities of Practice, Online Learning for High School and College Students, and Self Defense/Personal Safety.