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Sloan-C Online Learning Consortium Effective Practice Publications
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Orientation to Online Learning: Preparing Students for Initial and Ongoing Success Across the Curriculum

Streamlining Comprehensive and Personalized Assessment Feedback Increases Student Satisfaction and Retention

Online Teaching and Learning: Creating Communities of Practice to Enhance Student Success and Increase Class Retention

Creating Content and Assessment Choices to Enhance Student Learning and Success in Online Classes

Media Articles

Do you know how to protect your home from burglars when you are away? I've contributed three sections to the article "How to Burglar Proof Your Home" at For lots more about personal safety, check out my ebook Personal Safety and Self Defense.

Teach Online and Travel: How Technology Devices Work Together for Efficient Work Management

Teach Online and RV Travel: Setting Up A Travel Office

Teach Online and RV Travel: Effective and Efficient Remote Work Strategies

Design and Teach Your Own Online Course

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