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Leslie Bowman

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Specializing in coaching and tutoring for both traditional and online students. 

Success Coaching provides individual support, structure, skill development, and success strategies that will help students reach academic goals.

Writing Tutoring will polish your writing to a college academic level.

Disclaimer: Student Success Coaching is not counseling or therapy.

Guarantee: Higher grades in courses are guaranteed conditional upon clients precisely following prescribed coaching and tutoring plans and instruction.

Would you like to learn how to learn? Some students find that their academic issues are related to organization, time management, or study habits. Other students have difficulty communicating their ideas in a precise, clear, and organized way. Some students need to brush up on typing, reading, and/or writing skills. And sometimes students just need to figure how they learn best and develop study skills to fit their learning styles.

Success Coaching can help if you answer yes to one or more of these questions:

1.Are you worried about grades in your classes?
2.Do you want to earn A's on your written work?
3.Do you receive feedback on your work saying that your writing needs improvement?
4.Do you have difficulty getting your assignments completed on time?
5.Do you procrastinate or always feel rushed, completing work just before deadlines?
6.Are you submitting work late and losing points too often?
7.Do you have difficulty finding time to fit in class work and reading every day?
8.Is it hard to find a good balance between family, work, and school?
9.Do you need some help developing good study habits?

Success Coaching can help if you would like to:

1.Set realistic goals and priorities.
2.Keep track of class materials and assignments.
3.Organize your work time.
4.Avoid procrastination.
5.Use effective study skills.
6.Actively read and learn from your course learning resources.
7.Use class notes efficiently.
8.Effectively prepare for tests according to your learning style.
9.Decrease test anxiety.
10.    Maintain focus and concentration during study sessions.
11.    Plan more efficiently.
12.    Develop strategies for breaking tasks into manageable steps.
13.    Enjoy a good balance between work, school, family, and social activities.
14.    Establish effective daily routines and habits for work, family, and school.

Personalized Specialized Success Action Plans address the following as needed:

1.Effective organization for studying.
2.Self-knowledge of learning styles.
3.Self-directed learning strategies.
4.Effective planning and scheduling strategies.
5.Efficient time management.
6.Ability to move out of "comfort zone" and take learning risks.
7.Skills for coping with ADD and other learning issues.
8.Motivation and persistence.
9.Innate excitement and curiosity for learning.
10.    Personal and academic growth.

Orientation for Online Learning Coaching
If you want to take online classes but are not sure about expectations, procedures, amount and type of work, you can benefit from our Orientation to Online Learning Services. Orientation services include individual preparation for online learning through practice with reading, writing, study skills, time management, and technology. 

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