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Mentoring can totally prevent writer's block!

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Specializing in mentoring new writers.

Specializing in coaching  experienced writers who want to take their work to a higher level.

Mentoring provides personalized support, structure, skill development, and success strategies that will help writers set goals, plan time, organize content, stay on track, and successfully complete ebook projects.

Here's what we do:

Mentoring can help if you answer yes to one or more of these questions:

Mentoring can help if you would like to:

1.Set realistic goals and priorities.
2.Keep track of progress.
3.Organize your work time.
4.Avoid procrastination.
5.Use the appropriate tone in your writing project.
6.Get all your ideas "on paper" so you don't forget anything.
7.Use notes efficiently.
8.Effectively outline your project.
9.Decrease writing anxiety.
10.    Maintain focus and concentration during writing sessions.
11.    Develop strategies for breaking writing project tasks into manageable steps.
12.    Establish effective daily routines and habits for writing.

Mentoring Action Plans address the following as needed:

1.Effective organization.
2.Effective planning and scheduling strategies.
5.Efficient time management.
6.Ability to move out of your "comfort zone" and take writing risks
7.Motivation and persistence.

Email now to arrange a FREE 30-MINUTE PHONE CONSULTATION

We will talk about your writing and determine if mentoring can help you start and successfully complete your ebook writing project.

Mentoring price
Discounts for 2-3 consecutive months (payment in advance)
One month $150
Two consecutive months one payment of $250
Three consecutive months one payment of $400


I am a published author and I KNOW how important it is to preserve creative control. My mentoring service respects and preserves your creative control. Mentoring will not change your content in any way. Mentoring provides questions to clarify your writing and suggestions for writing skills (grammar, POV, mechanics, organization, etc.). At no time during the mentoring process do the changes you make become anyone's other than your own. Your retain the right to accept or reject suggestions and you may end the mentoring process at any point if you feel that you no longer require our services. Fees paid for the month are non-refundable prior to the end of the 30 days.

Authors are responsible for the format, content, and correct citing of sources in their work. Mentoring enhances the clarity of your writing; all content is your own. We do not check for and are not responsible for plagiarism or copyright violations.

We respect copyright and strictly maintain privacy and confidentiality. All work kept on my technical devices is encrypted against theft and, at the end of the mentoring service, all files belonging to clients are destroyed (not just deleted).